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100 Stories

running time: 85:45
edition of 10 + 2 AP
NTSC / Color / 16:9 Widescreen / Stereo

100 Stories is literally that: one hundred quick back to back stories that jump between the lives of three main characters. We have Helen, who works at a Biotech company and who has recently discovered fine cooking. We have her boss, Marshall, an over-focused executive who is slowly losing grasp on reality and his life. And we have Brian, a socially engaged bike messenger whose thoughts are blurring the line between activism and terrorism.

All three are desperately trying to give some sort of shape to their lives, they are all, in essence, trying to write their story, and in this striving are actually dramatically altering the lives of those who come into contact with them.

Think of each of the 100 stories as an individual facet that reveals a new side of the characters' lives, of their dreams and aspirations. Soon what appeared to be a series of disconnected moments takes shape and reveals a whole bigger than any single character, a direction that no one can see, let alone control.

With 100 Stories I was trying to show that who we are is something that is constructed over time. As such it is a very artificial thing that we do quite naturally.

So it is no accident that the three characters have the passions they do. High cuisine, genetic engineering, and mass media, are all highly artificial things that have, or have the potential, to shape who we are in the most intimate ways.

The idea, then, was to show these particular characters in as artificial a form as possible, in one hundred back to back stories that span a wide stylistic map; from documentary, to expressionistic with commercial thrown in for good measure.

In the end, the viewers become a little God-like; they know more of the characters' lives than the characters themselves.

Shelly Dague, Will Beinbrink, Kenneth Wilson-Harrington
Sidney Barnes, Megan Hollingshead, Tommy Minnix, Jerremy Bohen Adrienne Dunbar, Kurt Fitzpatrick, Lynne Valley, Clea Rivera, Shannon Emerick, Andrew Price, Rob Grace, Debbie Jaffe, Pat Champon, John Richard Ingram

director of photography: Mindaugas Blaudziunas
original score: Frederick Kennedy
costume designer: Dawn Samuelson
stylist: Arielle Meier
wardrobe assistant: Azania Kimbi-Shamba
sound recording: John Coots
boom operator: Matthew Oates
still photographer: Leah Oates

Exhibition History:
  • Main Room Exhibition, Real Artways, Hartford, CT, 2003.