36 Steps on a Curved Road

running time: 85:00

HD / Black and White / 2K / Stereo

St Jacques. New work , 36 Steps on a Curved Road, continues his exploration of narrative and delves more deeply in the psychology of his characters. The video in the exhibition follows the life of a couple over a 40 year period. It follows their evolution and their mutual influence on each other. They share their successes and failures with each other, and nudge each other to change and evolve. But perhaps the most intimate avenue that the video plumbs is how each character is in a life long discussion with his or herself. With a collapse of the time line the young person converses' with its own older self. The older self with the benefit of hindsight judges the path taken and the decisions that were made. The older self can even elect to remember things differently as how they actually happened, and in doing so , in effect, erases the young version of him or herself that actually was. In this tug-o-war of acceptance and understanding steps are taken towards perceived happiness.

Accompanying the video is a series of drawings whose subject matter is the same psychology that the film aims to portray but in a more poetic and immediate way.

Kamila Swiatek, Corey Hinchey, Katey Parker, Eric Stefan Libby, Wanda Graham, Peter Henry
Logan Preston Hale, Richard Collins, Pamela Halstead, James Rich, Joe Loper, Rachel Hastings, Gillian Clark, Kyle McNeil, Nick Perron, Rob Fletcher, Jennifer Croutch, Connor Sheehy, Katherine Norris, Sansom Marchand

Original Score: Frederick Kennedy
Script Massagers: Kenneth Wilson Harrington, Leah Oates
Executive Producers Leah Oates, Maximillien St-Jacques, Pierre St-Jacques
Production Coordinator: Yalitsa Riden, Savannah Magruder
Casting Help: Raghed Charabaty, NY Casting
Casting Consultant: Pamela Halstead, Kenneth Wilson Harringtons
Equipment: Atlantic Filmakers Cooperative,
Location Help: Shannon Webb Campbell, Wanda Graham, Yalitsa Riden, Michel Borgia, Pamela Halstead, Rob Fletcher, Marcy Brafman, Gage Zanghi, Blackspot Pelorusstudio, Sveva Costa Sanseverino
Studio Audio Recording: Xander Points Zollo
Prop Assistance: Greg Hilton, Machiko Hilton, Leah Oates, Catherine Siracusa
Bikes and Routes: EastWind Consulting

36 Steps on a Curved Road Script (PDF)

Exhibition History:

  • The Chelsea Film Festival, New York City.

  • The Kew Gardens International Festival of Film, New York City.