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clouds and raindrops

running time: 19:33
disk contains both installation pieces and composite version
edition of 5 + 2 AP
4 Screen installation / NTSC / Color / 16:9 Widescreen / Stereo or Dolby 5.1

At it's core clouds and raindrops is a piece about perception dressed up as a film noir. The title is meant to represent how each of the two characters of the story sees the world. One of them sees things as unfolding, evolving events. She is perception in the widest sense. To her, events are long durations that imperceptibly mutate and evolve.

The other character sees the world as a series of distinct pieces with specific relations to each other. He is perception in the most granular sense. He is a man of details, of objects, of words, discarded objects solidify in his mind and stand for the whole of the moment. He sees the raindrops.

What they do have in common is this nebulous sense of threat . To deal and make sense of their fear they have made an arrangement; He never leaves the house, while she, at certain times, goes out and looks for clues that their seekers could have left behind. These can take the most innocuous form, a discarded wrapper, a piece of broken glass. She then brings them back to the apartment where she tells him of the location and circumstance of the discovery. He then painstakingly catalogues every item in a series of binders. These binders are cross-referenced and from there he comes up with various theories that will enable them to move forward in their ongoing game of cat and mouse.

with: Hannah Mason, Shale Nelson.
original score: Frederick Kennedy
sound recording: Leah Oates

Exhibition History:
  • Open Portfolio/Pool New York Art Fair, Frere Independent, New York, 2006.
  • Artists in the Marketplace, The Bronx Museum of Art, New York, 2004.