3 pieces
running time: approx. 1:00 each
edition of 10 + 2 AP
NTSC / Color / 4:3 Conventional Screen / Stereo

These pieces are based on both famous and very common dreams. The common dreams pertain to various work and society issues; a lack of fitting in, goals that cloud judgment...

Basically the structure that we need to assume in order to function in the world, and how this structure can lead to distortions of self image and projections of the future.

Dream - Red, on the other hand, is a famous dream that Rene Descartes allegedly had night after night. It is interesting to note that the Father of Cartesianism had such free-form, wild dreams on a recurrent basis.

The concept of the 'dream' series carries in later pieces, it plays an important role in "clouds and raindrops" and is alluded to in "Token of My Affection".

Exhibition History:
  • Special Project, PowerHouse Projects, DC Art Fair, Washington DC, 2007.
  • ex-pace project, Gallerie KOAP. New York, 2002.