The Lesser Road (AKA the Hot Dog Movie)

running time: 45:00

4K / Color / Stereo

A young man finds his way within the unlikely environment of a hotdog cart. Seduced by the camaraderie around the cart and especially by the charismatic, energetic and poetic vendor our young man slowly begins to see a path for his life.
"The Lesser Road" is the story of the decisions taken in order to make one's own path, the decisions, concious or not, to find one's unique voice, and of the help and inspiration that nudges us to what we call home.
The video also examines the nature of creativity, the stereotype of the genius and of the many ways that an 'original' idea can take shape.

Tom Lute, Lou Israel, Dan Sanderson, Patrick Marlon Bender, Ted Charette, John-Riley O'Handley, David Kingston, Mason Cromwell, Adam Daniel Mezei, Suchiththa Wickremesooriya, Monika Petryczka, Ryan Chung, Brittany Howatt

production assistant: Michael Duboff
camera: Max Putintsev
plates: Travis Dover
gaffer: Mir Lada
sound recording: Randy Resh, Ramy Morad
boom: Giuseppe Altomare
sound editing and design: Renan Deodato
green screen: Green Suite 209 Studio

The Lesser Road Script (PDF)