Pierre St-Jacques was born in Ottawa
He currently lives and works in Toronto.
email: pierre@pierrestjacques.com
insta: pierresaintjacques


Pierre St-Jacques is a Toronto-based artist working in video and a variety of 2D media. His work often takes the shape of multi-channel video intallations, or drawings. He also likes to keep a sketchbook not as a vehicle for quick drawings but as a way of putting down a series of thoughts, in finished form, almost as a series of mini performances.

Pierre has shown both nationally and internationally. Having lived in New York City from 1999 to 2022 many of his exhibitions have been centered around the NYC area. He has shown his work at Artist Space, Station Independent Projects, the Bronx Museum, BRIC, and Metaphor contemporary amongst others. He has taken part in a multitude of art fairs such as DiVa, the fair for video, Scope, Bridge and Pool. He has also been part of a series of film festivals such as the Montreal New Cinema and New Video Festival, the Berlin International Director’s Lounge and the Chelsea Film Festival amongst others.

Pierre is currently in pre-production for a new 4-channel video installation tentatively entitled “Two Birds on a Wire” that should see the light of day in 2024. There are also a series of blank canvasses leaning on his studio wall.


In my work I want to observe what drives us, what motivates us, and, above all, how we ultimately contruct the person that we are. I’m attracted to the series of little gestures and little decisions that we take, both consciously and unconsciously, in order to give shape to our persona. It always amazes me how an often small occurance in someone’s deep past can become a central tenet of who they are. I seek out those minute glances, those rare sparks that not only fill us with meaning, but that lead us to share and connect with others. In these moments a small door opens up into a large new world that, if only for a second, makes us glimpse as what it means to be human.

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