Itches 1-3

running time: 2:00 each
each disk contains both loop and titled version
edition of 10 + 2 AP
NTSC / Color / 4:3 Conventional Screen / Stereo

The 'Itch' Series was initially conceived as a very graphic, almost iconographic study of curiosity. We have all done things that were potentially dangerous just to see the possible results. In fact science follows very much in this path; we constantly tinker with nature on, often, not so solid conceptual footing just to find out a little more.

The series takes the concept and creates these extreme situations that, because of their extreme nature, are not without absurdity and humor.

Later on the concept of "itches" returns in "itches 6" in a new light.

Exhibition History:
  • Summer Break, Station Independent Projects, New York City. 2013.
  • Dark Nature 2, Chashama Time Square, New York, 2005.
  • Curious Pastoral, Gallerie Joella. Turku, Finland, 2002.