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Token of my Affection

running time: 19:33
edition of 5 + 2 AP
Chinese with English subtitles available
NTSC / Color / 16:9 Widescreen / Stereo

Shot during a recidency at the Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan this piece wants to show that gifts are often a way that somebody can say "I would like you to be like this". They are little nudges that we give others to change who they are. They are roadmaps our our wishes and dreams for someone else, structures that we would like them to wrap themselves around.

In this video two characters go on this extended courtship laden with gift-giving. Each wants to change the other in some way exept that one of them never opens their gifts, prefering to dream about the possibilities of what could lie within.

original score: Frederick Kennedy

Exhibition History:
  • Open Portfolio/Pool New York Art Fair, Frere Independent, New York, 2006.