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The Triumph of Death

running time: 14:30
edition of 10 + 2 AP
NTSC / Color / 16:9 Widescreen / Stereo

A collaboration with Frederick Kennedy. The piece started with a concept that Frederick wanted to investigate, mainly how short loops of sound can create a stillness that can be perceived as continually evolving, as constant expectation. I then arrived at the visual concept of the bullfight, it seemed to mesh well with the audio concept; In parallel I could create video loops in which we slowly incrementally advance towards the inevitable end.

The video is structured in the same way as a bullfight is structured, it contains chapters that follow the 'tercios' of the bullfight and lasts the same amount of time that a bull survives in the ring.

Exhibition History:
  • Open Portfolio/Pool New York Art Fair, Frere Independent, New York, 2006.