Two Birds on a Wire

2022-2024 (in-progress)

running time: 21:33
4-channel video installation / Color / Stereo

Two Birds on a Wire is a 4-channel video installation that follows 2 main protagonists, Caveman and Spaceman, as they set out to find some sort of meaning in their life by searching out for that elusive feeling, that spark, that they once felt but that now eludes them.

Through a series of actions they seek out that grace and in doing so bridge the divide of what seperates them. Until, in the end, who's to say which one is Caveman and which one is Spaceman.

Another way to think of these two characters is that they, in some way, define what an idea is. When we have an idea, the early stages are luminous and wonderful; the idea is the best thing in the world, its immateriality is perfect. In that way it mirrors "Spaceman": everything is in the head, it's all ideal. But when the time comes to communicate this idea, to bring it into the world, it all falls apart. The messy aspects of the real world make themselves known. One mucks about to give it some form, it takes on it's own life, always different and separate than that glowing original idea. That's the "Caveman" part, banging sticks together to try to get that spark back.

Stephen Leupolt and John Taylor
and: Daniel Coo, James Ferreira, , Courtenay Field, Jevin Mathew, Carol Ann Matus, Rain Packota, Reece Presley, Amit Sharma, Issac Towell, Darius Zheng
production assistants: Mado Gianni, Cleve Schmaltz
sound recording: Johnny Chau, Michael Curtis
lighting: Roberto Lambrano, Rafael Zoto
original score: Jacob Maloney
vocalist: Clara Hanson
make-up/fx: Eleanor Vaz
costume design: Roxanne Ignatus
choreography: Seanna Bailey
special thanks: City DanceCorps, Pascal Levin, The Bunker Performance Space