running time: 4:15

5-channel video installation / Color / Stereo

In the video installation, whisp, five characters are confronted with a dancing whisp of smoke. Each character deals with it in their own idiosyncratic way. Some investigate the whisp with curiosity and happiness, others with doubt and aggression.

Forever malleable and changing, insubstantial and hypnotizing, the whisp comes to represent many things depending on the viewers interaction with it. Some see it as deeply internal, an identification of sorts, a marker of our forever evolving identity. A psychological landscape that ultimately draws the terrain of our personal experience. Others see it as external, something to be changed and manipulated, something alien, something that needs to be erased.

Ultimately whisp is about how we create ourselves and how we can come to terms with the eternal tension that we experience between internal and external, between expected convention and multifaceted experience.

Anisa Benitez, Jake Fallon, Abryk Sooch, Meredith Binder, Michael Donaldson

composer: Renan Deodato
hair and make-up: Rashad Taylor
location: Egg Studios NYC